Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, here are some things some of our clients were nice enough to say about us and our service:

"Prairie Mobile has been in business for more than forty years, serving the prairie provinces. We have been dealing with United Lease Brokers for a good portion of this time both as a lessee and as a representative coordinating lease arrangements between United Leasing and our customers.
Garry and Kristi have provided excellent customer service throughout the process and are always available. They make the leasing process easy and have been an excellent partner for Prairie, ultimately being part of our success and business growth. They have dealt with our customers on a very professional basis at all times and have been very successful in finding leasing solutions for them.
Not only has Prairie Mobile used United Lease to obtain funds, even our staff have used United Lease for personal funding. This is proof that United Leasing is an excellent company to deal with."

Kimberley Bishop
CMA, President
Prairie Mobile Communications

“My name is Cameron Milne. I’m the Regional Manager, MB & NW Ontario for Prairie Mobile Communications. We are Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s largest privately owned communications company and have been in business for forty years. I started with our company in 1982 and have worked my way up through to my current position. In all that time, we’ve successfully partnered with United Leasing time after time.
Their services have allowed us to grow as a company by making it easier for our customers to do business with us. United’s staff have found leasing options for virtually every customer we’ve applied for and their professionalism and ease of use as always been excellent. I have even used them personally based on their quality of service to Prairie. Job well done United leasing. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for helping us grow our business”.

Cameron Milne
Regional Manager, Manitoba and NW Ontario
Prairie Mobile Communications

"United Leasing has always delivered prompt, ethical, efficient, professional and superior service to all of my customers. Over many years, they have never once let me down. I would strongly recommend United Leasing as a business partner to any company who is looking to expand their profits through lease sales."
Dan Panaro
National Accounts Manager
DSL Inc.

"First. Professionalism, integrity and hard work. That is what United Leasing means to me. These guys get the hard deals done quick. Best in the business. You can rely on United Lease Brokers. Second. As a brokerage, United Leasing has access to wide range of competitive rates. Best in the business for my customers and great service too. These guys are GOOD."
Rod Thompson
POS Systems Ltd.

"United Chemical has been dealing with United Leasing for almost 8 years. We have dealt with many leasing companies, but United is now our first choice. We find them very effective, co-operative, and accommodating. We would highly recommend United Leasing to anyone searching for lease financing."
United Chemical

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