Why Lease?

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What do we Lease?

- Manufacturing Equipment
- Agricultural Equipment
- Point of Sale Systems
- Software
- Restaurant Equipment
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What are the advantages of being a leasing vendor? United Leasing has been servicing the equipment vendors of Manitoba for almost 25 years. We are considered the most respected lease brokerage company in the province. Vendors continue to support United Leasing for many reasons including:

  • High approval ratio
  • Competitive lease pricing
  • Complete service to our vendors - we work with your clients while you continue to search for new ones
  • Integrity, efficiency, professionalism (the words of our vendors, not ours) Read their testimonials!

Why do you, as a vendor, want to offer leasing?

More Choices: By focusing on affordable monthly payments instead of total equipment price. And don't forget to mention the tax benefits.
Faster Closes: Using trail closes related to the lease, like a monthly payment, may result in a quicker close.
Up-Sell: For "just a few more dollars per month", more equipment can be sold.
Customer Control: We will keep you informed of all account activity so you know when your customer is ready to upgrade.
Localizes Decision: Terms and monthly payments can be tailored to fit your situation.
No Charge Backs: Vendors terms leave commissioned sales people vulnerable to charge-backs, if the customer cannot make payments.
Multiple Orders: When customers learn how to use their operating budgets lease, equipment will be upgrade more often.
Highlights Utility Value: It is easy to compare monthly lease payments with expected revenue or cost savings. The customer can understand this, and see how he or she can benefit by acquiring the equipment.
Automatic Replacements: A new selling situation is created at lease expiry. Upgrade your customer into new equipment, and re-sell the used equipment.

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