Why Lease?

We can get you the most competitive rates, get you approved, and lease assets that other companies aren't interested in financing. See more

What do we Lease?

- Manufacturing Equipment
- Agricultural Equipment
- Point of Sale Systems
- Software
- Restaurant Equipment
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Why Lease?

Why should you lease your business equipment with United Leasing? United Leasing has been in business since 1987 and has helped thousands of businesses across canada and works with many of Canada's major leasing investors. We can get you the most competitive rates, get you approved, and lease assets that other companies aren't interested in financing. We consider ourselves to be street bankers. Our representatives come to you, saving you from wasting valuable time and resources you need to run your business. Our ethics and integrity ensure that your privacy is protected.

We want to work with you at every stage of your lease to answer questions, solve problems, and ensure that your rights are protected. We will be your representative, saving you headache and hassles. View our testimonials page to see why clients and vendors alike have made us Manitoba's oldest and most respected Lease Brokerage Firm.

Leasing is a Key Business Tool

Some reasons to consider leasing as a way to help your business:

Conserve Capital: Invest bank cash in assets that appreciate in value, lease assets that depreciate.

No Down payment: Most leases commence with the first and last payments on signing.

Preserves Established Credit: Keeps existing bank lines clear for operating purposes.

Potential Tax Advantage: In most cases, monthly lease payments may be deducted as an operating expense, making payments 100% tax deductible.

Makes cash flow budgeting easier: Regular lease payments simplify accounting, eliminates depreciation scheduling and ensures consistent control over equipment expenditures.

Diversify Financing Sources: Leasing allows your business to diversify it's financing resources so that you are not dependent on one financial institution and keeps existing lines of credit open.

Equipment Replacement Options: With equipment that has a very quick obsolescence rate, like computer technology, lease financing gives your company some great alternatives; up-grade equipment, trade up to new equipment, or the ability to re-new technology on a set time schedule to ensure that your business remains on the cutting edge.

Simplifies Accounting: As a direct expense, the lease is normally excluded for the balance sheet.

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